Stripping Back The Layers

Episode 14: 🤗A cuddle a day keeps the Doctor away- A loving embrace from burn out to bliss❤️ Feat: Sarah Alexander

July 21, 2020

Sarah Alexander is in service to ambitious woman 💃ready to move from burn out to bliss by creating loving limits and aligned action!


Cuddle professional Sarah Alexander is a boundaries personal trainer and founder of cuddle Melbourne🤗, who has worked in Australia and in the US for three years building her small business brands internationally🌍 . She has assists new entrepreneurs in building brand trust as well as reliable and soul aligned clients with her loving presence and fierce alignment that cuts through the excuses to get to the heart of the matter eliminating fear, lack of self-trust and mindset blocks that stand in the way while creating a thriving business.

She is also a phenomenal boundaries coach who is good to have in your corner when it comes to figure out ways to show up for yourself when it comes to personal or professional relationships.❤️


This episode is SO juicy, we dive deep in what it means to stay strong in your boundaries and how to communicate them with love and strength. 💪

Sarah tells us about her journey into becoming a Cuddle professional and how she powerfully holds vulnerability and intimacy in a service so needed- her energy is so warm, gentle and beautifully caring.❤️


Find Sarah on: , , Instagram: @sarahbellesmiles, Check out her new program here!  


Sound on 🎧, this episode is not to be missed ❤️


Be sure to tune in and listen! 🎧


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