Stripping Back The Layers

Episode 16: 🔥 Somatic Sensation to  Freedom of Sexual expression, Everyones birthright 💃 Feat: Victoria Redbard.

August 26, 2020

Victoria is a somatic sexologist who is from the United Kingdom. 🇬🇧

Victoria is a counsellor speaker, author, researcher, open relating expert and founder of the Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy.  🌹

She has studied tantra and sexuality in many countries and now resides in the Gold Coast of Australia, helping people access flow states through tantric practises in her sexuality school   The Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy offers deep learning into the psycho-social and somatic aspects of cutting edge sexuality education that is impacting the globe and creating cultural change world-wide!💦

Victoria and I cover so many topics, how stripping provided her experiences that led her to become one of the Leading Somatic Sexologist and Sex Coaches out there, we go into and cover how important it is to allow the energy of our emotions to really go there and allow the sensations to move through the body when they arise, whether that be pleasurable💥  or violation🚫.

With her experience of working in the strip club she now serves men and women to step into what works for them in their sexual expression educating how to let go of past conditioning/what was taught to be “right and wrong” and really go within to see what the truth is for her (and her clients).⚡️

She carries herself with such raw palpable power, realness and the passion she holds to her mission to see to it everyone in their sexual power is nothing short of inner beauty.❤️

Join Victoria and I in an epic discussion of what goes on behind the scenes in the strip club and the learnings we both had from each other.👠

Find Victoria on Instagram @newparadigmintimacy and her website

Be sure to tune in and listen! 🎧



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